Steel Alive PRO PACK


An ideal Pack for experienced shooters and professionals. It allows to count hits on 5 targets and use all games/drills available in the app. The pack can be expanded with additional Target units. 

This pack includes:

-Dedicated waterproof hardcase

-Master unit with an antenna

-5x Target unit

-10x LED V.2

-30x LED V.2 reflectors

-5x multiLED Adapter (enables connection of up to three LEDs to a single Target device)

-LED Cable x12

-24x AA batteries

-Activation code for the Premium version of the Steel Alive app - valid for 3 months (then available to be purchased on AppStore or Google Play)

-does not include target plates

More info about compatible targets, app features and user manual can be found on our website: SteelAlive

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